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Where the Hell Are You?

Hey guys, welcome to our travel site, The Migrant Expats! This site is dedicated to everything travel, be it travel gadgets, destinations, tips and reviews. We’re sure something here will catch your fancy. We write mainly about the great outdoors and adventure travel, but that doesn’t mean we are strictly all about roughing it through the forest using leaves and pine cones as toilet paper…even though that has happened. You’ll still be able to find a trove of articles about urban travel as well as how to kick back and relax on IMG_20140823_175408some of the nicest beaches in the world without having to sell your firstborn child.

Why did we start this site? Good question. We both really have no clue. We guess we wanted to see how far we’d make it online before saying f*!k it and delete everything one year later, and that has yet to happen. So we guess we’re in it for good. But honestly. We love nature, exploring new countries and sharing our discoveries with complete strangers.

We have just yet started traveling full-time. We said Tschüss to Germany for now last October and spent some time with family and friends in the USA until the end of 2015. Then we headed on an excursion of a life time with an end date undecided. Stay tuned!

2016 is our Year in New Zealand

Mount Doom

We’ll be spending this year traveling and working our way through New Zealand. Starting out in Auckland we’re planning to spend the majority of our time here on the South Island (yes, we were missing mountains a lot). Most of all we’re happy it’s summer here while Germany is freezing right now. Stay tuned for more updates from NZ and make sure to keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook page.